About Us

Mission Statement

Elite Consulting's mission is to help companies deliver solid, accurate products on-time and on-budget. We provide quality leadership, technical experience or simply professional services throughout all phases of the System Development Life Cycle - we follow through with our commitments.

Company Overview

A complete professional services partner

Elite Consulting is a unique company that offers a comprehensive range of business-focused testing services to business and government. Supporting the full delivery cycle, Elite Consulting ensures mission critical products are of the highest reliability and initiatives are successfully implemented, so that you can derive maximum business value.

Aligning testing with the business strategy, Elite Consulting’s solutions strengthen your business, refine the way you operate, reduce the time taken to perform testing, improve the processes, quality and the skills of your testing team.

Creating and maintaining a stable, high-performance technology infrastructure that enhances productivity and minimizes risk, Elite Consulting’s solutions dramatically reduce development and maintenance costs. Offering an independent approach to risk reduction, Elite Consulting has extensive experience across all platforms, applications, networks and operating systems.

Our Approach

Comprehensive and reliable

Implementing a successful project requires an effective combination of capabilities, methodologies, tools and techniques. Integrating testing with the business strategy, Elite Consulting provides seamless solutions delivery regardless of technology type or mix through a suite of technologies and processes.

Based on a global framework of knowledge, Elite Consulting’s approach includes testing best practice, skilled testing personnel, and market leading technology as the basis for the successful delivery of a solution on time, within budget, and on a consistent basis.

Through experience, Elite Consulting has a unique understanding of the professional services market. With exceptional customer service, Elite Consulting prides itself in building and maintaining long-term relationships and delivering professional tailored solutions.